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From HPM: "A good year ahead for health plans. Slower-rising revenues will be offset by continued productivity gains, meaning that MLRs should stabilize or even improve as ACA populations plateau. The things that are slowing costs will last longer than the things that boost premiums, at least in the biggest market segments like group health and Medicare Advantage. Ignore most of the headlines – there’s no imminent risk. For the huge Medicaid health plans like United, Molina and Centene, the added ACA exchange Medicaid recipients will be a plus since most will be in families and couples, not costly single adults. And with the new Medicaid reforms coming, a larger population base will help Medicaid plans leverage the coming shift to Medicaid long-term care and dual-eligible plans. They also can hope that the com-ing Medicaid value-based reforms -- across Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and the exchanges -- will some day allow private insur-ers to avoid endemic ACA losses this year and rise again.."

From CDMR: "Tax-advantaged account-based health plans (ABHPs), an upstart idea at the millennium, are now omnipresent across every industry. Eighty-six percent of employers plan to offer them in 2016, up from 54% five years ago. Enrollment has more than doubled, from 20% to 43%, over the last five years.Wall Street is warming to companies selling CDH products after a period of skepticism last year. Our new Index of CDH Firm Stocks is showing a strong correlation between rising CDH accounts and financial performance, with stock prices in the first quarter heating up. First quarter earnings for the initial group of six averaged a 27.9% rise year-over-year, and quarterly revenues were up 8.4%.."

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